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No, I do not. I am solely a designer and love creating patterns.

Yes, you can! If you choose to sell items made from our patterns, please link back to me at Knittingandstitches.com for credit. Please do not use my pictures to sell your items.


  • The images and content of Knittingandstitches.com are protected by copyright laws.
  • Do not distribute or copy the content without written permission.
  • Do not edit or remove watermarks from any original image from easycrochet.com. 
  • If you would like to share an image, please only use 1 with a link back to Easy Crochet. 
  • Please use the original image with no overlays or additional text.

Absolutely! Email me, but please include which pattern you are referring to, along with the size and step you are having a problem with. I can get you help much faster if I know what you are talking about!

First, you need to go over the basics of knitting and find a beginner-friendly pattern. There are some beginner blanket patterns or scarves listed throughout the site that would work great.

Next, you’ll need to get the right supplies. The pattern you choose will talk about the needle size and the yarn you’ll need to purchase. Most of our patterns link directly to these products on Amazon or another site.

Lastly, it will be good to run some practice tests to learn about the different stitches, how to read abbreviations, and how patterns are sized.

You’ll need just two knitting supplies as a beginner to get started.

  • Yarn: Yarn comes in many weights (how thick it is) and yardages. Certain projects use specific weights of yarn, but others – like blankets – can use just about any size. You can buy yarn online or in-store, but I always prefer to buy it online. Online, you have a much wider selection and can choose from just about any brand there is.
  • Knitting Needle: Knitting needles come in many sizes. The most common, however, is anywhere between a 3 mm and 15 mm size. There are sizes smaller and larger than those, but are only used for very specific use cases. Knitting needles are generally used with specific yarn weights as well. For example, medium #4 weight yarn should be used with either a 5.5 mm or 6.5 mm needle.

I am always happy to hear ideas about tutorials and patterns that you’d like to see on Knitting & Stitches. Email me, and I’d be glad to take a look.

No, I can not. I will gladly help with Knitting & Stitches patterns since it is my main priority. It is best to email the pattern designer of the project you are working on to get help.

I sure can! Check our sister site easycrochet.com for easy to make patterns like scarves, blankets and more.

Oh, no! Please email me and let me know about the pattern error. I try really hard to fix all mistakes, but occasionally a few do slip through.